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Tropical Forest Challenge

Find the best for-profit enterprises with a positive impact on tropical forests

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    • A search for the best for-profit solutions from around the world to conserve tropical forest biodiversity.
    • Geography Focus
      Africa, Asia, Australia, South America, Central America
  • Rewards

    • Solvers : In-kind support
      Global visibility, networking opportunities and capacity building.
    • Connectors : EUR 1,000 in cash
      Additional global visibility and online promotion.
  • Organisers and Partners

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    • Challenge brief ( EN | ES | FR )
    • Press Release ( EN | ES | FR )
    • Media Kit ( EN | ES | FR )
  • Contact Details

    Archana Verma
    +91 7353740843
 The Winners and Finalists have been announced - http://www.ennovent.com/challenges/winners/id/8!

The Winners and Finalists of this Challenge have been announced! Learn more.


WWF Switzerland is committed to conserve the world's tropical forests, not only for the incredible wealth of biodiversity, but also for the benefit of people. The objective of the Tropical Forest Challenge is to discover the most innovative for-profit enterprises from around the world that have a positive impact on tropical forest biodiversity.

Selection Criteria: Please read the detailed selection criteria here.

Categories:  One winner out of five finalists will be selected in each of the following categories: 

  • Idea (Concept note): A full concept note describing the solution
  • Startup (Proof-of-market): A successful  solution tested with potential customers
  • Company (Break-even): Sufficient revenue streams from sales to cover all costs 

Rewards:  The winner in each category (idea, startup and company) will receive global visibility, networking opportunities and capacity building. Examples are:
  • Global visibility: high-quality publication, online promotion
  • Network opportunities: introductions to investors, high-profile event passes
  • Capacity building: access to renowned experts, training course 

Each Connector of a winner will get a EUR 1,000 cash reward and global visibility through a publication and online promotion.



 > Solvers are people with ideas, startups or enterprises
 > The enterprise has to meet the selection criteria


 > Can be any individual worldwide
 > Has to request the nominated company to apply online
 > Has to provided a reason for the nomination

01 Jun 2012 Application Start
01 Aug 2012 Public Voting Opens
30 Sep 2012 Application Deadline
17 Dec 2012 Winners Announced
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Ismael Lumawig
Committing nations to preserve our global rain forest is not the solution. It has failed many times and It will continuously fail. As long as there are no alternative sustainable livelihoods for forest communities, our rain forests will be continuously destroyed… Sadly, All conservation programs have failed! Conservation is an over used and failed term/concept. There is not much to conserve now and everyday our rain forests is still shrinking. International and Government funding are continuously being misused for a hopeless cause and effort to preserve and conserve. Laws will never protect our rain forests as long as people who live on them remains poor, unaware and left to stagnate.... For our poor, it is a question of survival. After so much debate and so much effort, look at what’s happened! How much rain forests cover do we have left? We cannot anymore deny the facts! All programs and the system have failed! The only way to save the forest is to change the system! Change ourselves in the fast phased human development and advancements. It is time for new Revolutionary ideas. Who is with me? LET US REJUVENATE OUR RAIN FORESTS! Please check my blogs: http://rainforestsrevolution.wordpress.com/ http://bugsinc.wordpress.com/
Oct 29 2012 04:10 am |  Report
Suzan Badgley
UNESCO has recognized the Subak, Bali's extensive irrigation system as a World Heritage Site. Unfortunately, the impact of tourism and water consumerism is causing a threat to the rice farmers livelihood. This is compounded by high levels of pesticide and plastic residues producing a very toxic environment. Go Organic, Save a flush and, "Say no to PLASTIC" when you visit the "Island of the Gods". Terima kasih
Sep 26 2012 06:09 am |  Report
Phommachit Capacity
Tropical forest must be listed as UNESCO WORLD .HERITAGE SITES That way is the only way to commit nations to preserve.
Sep 21 2012 07:09 am |  Report
Agroforestry. Pharmaceutical prospecting. Extracting from trees marketable oils, resins, and latexes. If markets do not exist yet, then developing them.
Sep 21 2012 01:09 am |  Report
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