Ennovent Circle

Exclusive group working to accelerate innovations for low-income markets

Latest News

Ennovent Circle Featured on Economic Times.

Latest News

USD 50,000 investment made in Sudiksha by Eleos Foundation (Ennovent Circle Member) this June.

Latest News

Global membership of Ennovent Circle spanning India, Japan, US and Europe.

Latest News

Two strategic global partnerships with Toniic and Impact Partners Asia finalized for deal sharing and co-investment opportunities.

Portfolio Companies

Drishti Eye Care
Bangalore | Healthcare
Hyderabad | Education


Sadeesh Raghavan
Venture Philanthrophy & Angel Investing
Kitendo Capital
Institutional Investor
Rohit Luthra
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  • As a policy, we do not sign non-disclosure agreements with entrepreneurs or companies seeking our advice or capital. We make best attempts to maintain your information confidentially. Our reputation as valued, trusted advisers and investors is paramount. If there is something that you are uncomfortable sharing, then please exclude from materials and communications with us. It′s your choice.

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    • The Ennovent Circle is a global and exclusive group of individuals and organizations working together to discover, startup, finance and scale innovations for sustainability in low-income markets.
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The Ennovent Circle is a global, trusted and exclusive group of individuals and organizations working together to accelerate innovations for sustainability in low-income markets. In doing so, Circle members collaborate to discover, start up, finance and scale the best innovations.


To learn more about the Ennovent Circle please contact us.



Members of the Ennovent Circle benefit from joining a like-minded group of experienced impact investors, mentors and service providers focused on supporting high potential enterprises, while having a sustainable impact on people living in low-income markets.


Some specific benefits for the different member types are:

• A peer group of high potential entrepreneurs to share knowledge
• Faster process to take novel ideas to market
• Access to renowned investors, mentors and experts
• Reduced cost and increased speed of investment process
• Minimized risk through co-investment opportunities
• Optimize fair financial returns and social impact
• Access enterprises with high impact potential and innovative ideas
• Improve skills and capacity to mentor
• Generate financial returns from mentor arrangements
Service Providers:
• Access business opportunities and resulting revenues
• Gain accreditation in one of India's leading impact investing groups
• Work with a renowned group of enterprises and investors

What makes the Ennovent Circle Unique:

Exclusive Membership:
Selected impact investors, mentors, experts and service providers
Diversity of Capital:
Grants, equity, debt or a hybrid structure from different investors
Knowledge and Resources:
Access to exclusive forums to foster and share learning and resources
Close Collaboration:
Active trusted group closely collaborating and sharing resources
Deep Local Partnership:
Partnerships with incubators, NGOs, networks and universities
Local Management Team:
Dedicated team with experience in finance, startups and impact


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