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Ennovent offers four customised services to help clients source the best innovations.

Ennovent's Market Research services helps clients secure intelligence about innovations, sectors
and markets. Client benefits include:

Indepth understanding of customers, sectors and markets in low-income regions

Up-to-date intelligence on key trends, competitors and local partners

Detailed market insights to execute market entry or geographic expansion

Research for World Bank to understand Big Data in India

Innovation Scouting

Ennovent's Innovation Scouting services helps clients to conduct a private pyramid search and
source innovations globally. Client benefits include:

A selection of the best innovations to support or invest in

Confidentiality while accelerating the startup process in a specific market

Access to a wider network of experts and partners in low-income markets

Supporting Stars Foundation in scouting high potential innovations

Discover Challenges

Ennovent's Discover Challenges helps clients to design and run public competitions to globally
source innovations. Client benefits include:

A rich spread of innovations beyond the usual suspects from overlooked regions

Global visibility for the Challenge organiser, partners and theme

Scale impact by showcasing and diffusing knowledge about the best innovations

Support WWF Switzerland in finding solutions to conserve forest biodiversity

Selection Management

Ennovent's Selection Management services helps clients to undertake a multistep assessment
process and select the best innovations. Client benefits include:

Informed assessments through collaboration with a wide variety of subject and market experts

Comprehensive selection through customised processes for virtual or on-ground assessment

Access to the best innovations through a nuanced selection process

Ennovent reviewed innovative social development projects for GDN

Our expertise in sourcing the best innovations

Ennovent has proven expertise in sourcing and selecting innovative solutions in developing countries. Our services are unique because:

Proprietary Search

Efficient search methodologies to source relevant solutions

Nuanced Selection

Customised selection processes for in-depth evaluations

Enabling Community

Large global network of partners, experts and mentors


Your Benefits in working with Ennovent

Unknown Solutions

Discover a wide range of globally distributed and unknown solutions

Deeper Knowledge

Gain deep and trusted knowledge about possible solutions for low-income markets

Larger Networks

Connect with a wide and diverse network of individuals and organisations

Would you like to discover the best innovations for sustainability?

Client References

"Ennovent impressed us with their comprehensive management of the WWF Switzerland Tropical Forest Challenge, their continuous search for the best possible solution, their timely delivery and their friendly and dedicated staff"

Sybiller Borner, WWF Switzerland

"Despite a short timeframe, Ennovent managed to provide significant outreach support to increase the number of applications for our programme. They also provided some really helpful contextual information which we would have had difficulty finding ourselves."

Sarah Johnstone, Stars Foundation


Develop and refine business models to take ideas to low-income markets


Secure funding in high-potential ventures for low-income markets


Grow operations and scale sustainable impact in low-income markets

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