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We catalyse business innovation for sustainability in low income markets in developing countries


Sustainability creates business opportunities in low income markets

Low-income markets with people earning less than $5 per day, offer significant opportunities to make an impact while also generating profits. People living in these markets have limited access to water, energy, health and other basic goods and services at affordable prices. They also have constraints to supply labour, products and services, which greatly hampers income-generation. This context presents a unique market opportunity for business innovations for sustainability.



3 Billion people with limited access to basic goods and services



1 Planet threatened by environmental degradation and climate change



5 Trillion USD global market with people earning less than 5 USD a day


Innovation projects to take business ideas to low income markets

Ennovent works with its partners and community to jointly develop, fund and manage customised innovation projects that create a sustainable impact and fair profits. These innovation projects discover, startup, finance and scale the best business innovations for sustainability in developing countries. Business innovations relate not only to products and services, but also to business processes, distribution channels, partnership networks, organisation models etc.


Customised projects to meet your specific needs

Innovation projects combine different individual components, which can be tailored to meet the requirements and objectives of partners, and solve their innovation challenges.

The key components used to configure innovation projects are:


Source the best innovations globally

How we discover

We find business innovations using open innovation approaches and select the best ones jointly with global experts. We use market research to understand on-ground opportunities for business innovations better.



Launch innovations in the market

How we startup

We launch business innovations in markets by developing investable business models. We also support the on-ground feasibility testing and pilot management for these innovations in target markets.



Secure funding for innovations

How we finance

We structure investments into business innovations using our due diligence and deal structuring expertise. We provide access to a diversity of capital from an exclusive group of investors.



Increase the scale of innovations

How we scale

We increase the profits and impact of tested business innovations by scaling their reach to new low-income markets. We promote the diffusion of innovations through their wide and effective dissemination.


We co-create projects with partner organisations from all sectors

Our unique approach involves partnering with clients from three distinct sectors to develop, fund and manage innovation projects. This enables us to pool resources, expertise and networks, and take business innovations to low-income market in the most affordable, efficient and impactful manner.

Public Sector

Governments, Development Agencies, Academic Institutions

Private Sector

Startups, Social Entrepreneurs, SMEs, Companies, MNCs

Third Sector

NGOs, Foundations, Charities, Advocacy Groups


Different partnership models to share risks and returns

We utilise a range of partnership models to foster cooperation among project partners to jointly address sustainability challenges in low income markets. These models allow us to share risks and benefits resulting from our collaborative work. We have successfully tested a number of models through our innovation projects.

Fundraising Alliance

Formation of partnership to jointly raise funds for projects

Success Fee

Linking variable engagement fees to project success

Revenue Sharing

Distribution of profits and losses between partners

Sweat Equity

Provision of equity in exchange for acceleration support

Joint Venture

Cooperative association to leverage each partner's' resources

Direct Investment

Offering of financial stakes in an incorporated legal entity


The lasting value we deliver to our partners

Our expertise delivered through our customised innovation projects provides valuable benefits for our partners.

Larger Impact

Optimise social, economic and environmental impact

Higher Profits

Increase revenues, reduce costs and ensure fair profits

Reduced Risks

Mitigate risks associated with working in low-income markets

Shorter Time

Speed up the process of taking ideas to markets




Innovations Accelerated


Countries Reached

Jointly develop and manage innovation projects with us