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Our Finance Services

Ennovent offers three customised services to help clients secure and support early-stage investments in innovations.

Ennovent's Investment Advisory services helps clients place funding for innovations in low-income
markets. Client benefits include:

Detailed end-to-end reviews and due diligence of investment opportunities

Efficient structures for investments and funds through local support

Customised impact investment strategies for specific low-income markets

Ennovent helped ICCo review a prospective investment

Investor Access

Ennovent's Investor Access services helps clients access capital from an exclusive group of impact
investors. Client benefits include:

A range of capital sources such as debt, equity or grant from an exclusive group of investors

Reduced risk and cost of diligence through co-investment opportunities

Access to service providers or experts to support the investment process

Energy company Boond secures investment from Ennovent Circle

Fund Management

Ennovent's Fund Management services provides clients complete local management of impact funds.
Client benefits include:

Fund strategies customized to specific market needs

Efficient legal structures to manage impact funds

End-to-end management of the local investment process for impact funds

Our expertise in securing finance

Ennovent's Finance Services enables investors to efficiently invest into innovative enterprises that serve low-income markets. Our Finance services are unique because:

Diversity of Capital

Secure capital using instruments such as equity, debt and grants

Risk Mitigation

Mitigate risks by collaborating and syndicating investments

Diverse levels of support

Short consultations to complete fund management


Your Benefits in working with Ennovent

Increased Returns

Receive fair financial returns while generating a sustainable impact

Lower Costs

Invest in early-stage enterprises in a more cost-efficient manner

Reduced Risks

Mitigate the risks associated with early-stage investing

Would you like to secure or place funding in high-impact innovations?


Find and select the best solutions for sustainability in low-income markets


Develop and refine business models to take ideas to low-income markets


Grow operations and scale sustainable impact in low-income markets

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