Frequently Asked Questions

    About the Network

  • What is the ennovent global network?
  • Why did ennovent launch this network?
  • What are the key services of the network?
  • What is the market opportunity for entrepreneurs working at the BoP?
  • Who are the key customers of the network?
  • What are the challenges faced by the key stakeholders?
  • What are the service plans that ennovent offers?
  • What is crowdsourcing?
  • What is the focus of the ennovent network?
  • How can I use crowdsourcing on the ennovent network?
  • General

  • Which entrepreneurs are on this network?
  • What does it mean to be an Investor? What am I committing to?
  • Who can be termed as experts?
  • How do I volunteer/ intern with companies from the network?
  • What do all these terms mean? Is there a glossary that I can refer to?
  • What are tags?
  • When I give feedback, why do I need to sign in again?
  • Profile & Account

  • I am a new user, what do I do next?
  • How do I create a company profile?
  • What is the difference between Owner and Admin of a company?
  • Can I be the Owner or Admin of more than one company?
  • What rights does an Admin have for a company?
  • Who can view the responses of the requests/events/challenges that I have initiated/added?
  • How can I deactivate my ennovent account?
  • Dashboard

  • What is the ennovent Dashboard?
  • Favorites

  • What is the benefit of adding a page to My Favorites?
  • Connections

  • How do I build my ennovent Network?
  • What is the difference between connecting and following?
  • Can I connect to a company as an individual?
  • What is the difference between connecting as an individual or as a company?
  • What do I do if an individual or company rejects my connection request?
  • Requests

  • How do I post a Request?
  • How can I solve a Request?
  • Challenges

  • What are Challenges?
  • How is the winner selected?
  • Will every Challenge have a winner?
  • Can a person submit more than one Solution or nominate more than one Solver?
  • What happens if two Connectors nominate the same company?
  • What happens to the solutions that don’t win?
  • Who can see my personal information?
  • Can an organization steal my idea?
  • Contact Us

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  • Contact Us

    • Letters are case sensitive
    • Do not type space between the
      numbers and letters
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