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PlanetUp: Sustainable Display Ads

Posted by: PlanetUp on Aug 16, 2012


PlanetUp is a start-up based in San Francisco, CA that has developed a patented technology that links Micro Carbon Offsets with online display ads, ensuring that every click or impression neutralizes CO2 in real time.  We named this innovative model  “Sustainable Display Ads”. As an analogy, PlanetUp Ads is the recycled paper of the Display Ads.

Our vision is very simple: To link Carbon Offsets with digital advertising and scale the “Sustainable Display Ads” worldwide, to channel money from the online ads industry to green projects. If we increase the demand of carbon offsets, more green projects that counter climate change will be generated.

In the following video we briefly explain what we do:

The company is raising a Series B round of $1,500,000 

For further information, please contact me at , and I will gladly provide you the business plan.



Ian Wolff-Westrup

CEO / Founder


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