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Our Scale Services

Ennovent offers three customised services to help clients increase the scale of innovations.

Ennovent's Market Expansion services helps clients expand the reach of innovations to new low-income
markets. Client benefits include:

Well adapted expansion strategies in sync with local markets

Indepth understanding of customer behaviour through connections with local market experts

Greater market share through effective entry in new and untested low-income markets

Ennovent helped Barefoot Power expand into rural Indian markets

Portfolio Management

Ennovent's Portfolio Management services helps clients manage investments in low-income
markets. Client benefits include:

Reduced costs and optimum utilisation of investment to scale portfolio companies

Increased sustainable impact balanced with financial returns

Reduced risk through local expertise and networks

Capacity building support provided to IIH's portfolio companies

Innovation Diffusion

Ennovent's Innovation Diffusion services helps clients promote the adoption of new innovations in low-income
markets. Client benefits include:

Increased awareness and wider dissemination of sucessful innovations globally

Effective adoption of new innovations resulting in a stronger impact ecosystem

Increased impact through the application of global best practices in local markets

Our expertise in scaling operations and impact

Ennovent's Scale Services helps clients increase the scale of innovations. Our Scale services are unique because:

Growth Strategies

Structured growth strategies to increase impact and profits

Expert Pool

Diverse pool of resources to scale operations and investments

Local Knowledge

Access to local intelligence for specific markets


Your Benefits in working with Ennovent

Higher Revenues

Gain higher revenues from an increased market share

Larger Impact

Create a large, sustainable impact on low-income people

Lower Costs

Scale operations cost-efficiently to ensure higher profit margins

Would you like to scale operations and impact in low-income markets?


Find and select the best solutions for sustainability in low-income markets


Develop and refine business models to take ideas to low-income markets


Secure funding in high-potential ventures for low-income market

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