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Pune, India | Miguel Jeronimo
We are, a young international non-profit startup working on the ...
  1 Day Left
AGRO-BIOGENICS is a start-up Company developing and commercializing ZERO-WASTE ZERO-CARBON BUSINESS-MODEL (ZW-ZC-BM) that works on locall...
  6 Days Left
Indore, India | Siddharth Gang
My idea is to collect "waste paper"i.e (news paper,magazines,office papers,cardboards etc.) from houses, apartments, societies, tow...
  8 Days Left
Tirupati, India | Swamy Rama linga
I had developed a concept.? With this Project we can save a lot of Public Time, particularly travel / journey time, as no other Mode...
  13 Days Left
Gurgaon, India | Jesse Van de zand
Janta Meals is a social start-up with the mission to provide high quality meals to India's working classes. We are based out of Gurgaon....
  17 Days Left
Bangalore, India | Rashmi Vittal
We are an organic cotton clothing company that is creating eco-friendly choices for customers.At Little Green Kid, we do not...
  30 Days Left
Gurgaon, India | Amit Kataria
A brief on ROSE Computer Academy ROSE Computer Academy's dream ...
  153 Days Left
Kumbakonam, India | Dhakshinamurthy Natarajan
Every human being has got social responsibility. It is the duty of everyhuman to take care of those who are less ...
  362 Days Left
Anywhere, Anywhere | Tanushri_gupte
Location: Mumbai, IndiaTime period: 6 months starting September 2014...
  Today 7 PM
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