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Lucknow, India | Prateek Pandey
CURRENT NEED: Medha’s employability training program is offered to local college students (BA/BCom/BSc) in p...
  3 Days Left
Delhi, India | Rahul Bhargava
In consultation with organisations, public and non-profit, already active in the field, a crop health monitoring, remote diagnosis and as...
  3 Days Left
Are you struggling with your operations and believe ICT intervention would be helpful? I am very glad to introduce you all to our venture -
  3 Days Left
Pune, India | Pulse Savings
About Pulse ( Pulse Savings Technologies Pty. Ltd. is a mobile savings Start-up that allows ...
  4 Days Left
Belgaum, India | Santosh Haradi
E Wealth Creators is company currently working on a project to start a agri and garden related E-Commerce and Service website. The aim is...
  8 Days Left
New Delhi, India | Sushil Mate
The World Bank’s Water and Sanitation Program (WSP), has engaged MART as an Enterprise Support Organization(ESO) in Rajast...
  18 Days Left
Rotterdam, Netherlands | Fennie Lansbergen
I work as a business developer at Enviu and we're setiing up a social venture that provides a pension product for the informal sector in ...
  25 Days Left
Pune, India | Miguel Jeronimo
We are, a young international non-profit startup working on the ...
  35 Days Left
Gurgaon, India | Amit Kataria
A brief on ROSE Computer Academy ROSE Computer Academy's dream ...
  187 Days Left
Kumbakonam, India | Dhakshinamurthy Natarajan
Every human being has got social responsibility. It is the duty of everyhuman to take care of those who are less ...
  396 Days Left
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