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Our Solution

We offer a venture platform to catalyse businesses creating impact and profits


Sustainable development in low income markets creates business opportunities

Low-income markets are taking a lead as new growth engines globally. Spending in these markets is expected to grow three times faster than consumer spending in developed nations. People living on a low-income also have the potential to supply labour, products and services to global markets, which supports income-generation. In this context, businesses are expected to unlock lucrative market opportunities by implementing a few key development goals. However, building and scaling businesses in low-income markets can be complex, costly and risky.



6 billion people with limited access to basic goods and services



1 planet threatened by environmental degradation and climate change



US$ 12 trillion global market with people earning less than US$ 5 a day


Venture platform to manage projects that catalyse businesses

Ennovent offers the private, public and third sectors a venture platform with startup expertise, local capacity, access to funding and a global community to successfully catalyse businesses. Each project managed on the platform is customised to solve the complex challenges faced by different businesses, from the idea stage to scalability. We work as a venture partner, utilising a customised, lean and partly virtual approach to catalysation.


Critical resources for successful projects

For business innovation to be impactful and profitable, access to specialised resources across the globe is critical. Ennovent’s venture platform provides access to a strong international community of investors, experts and service providers that can deliver required expertise, guidance and support. By enabling this collaboration, Ennovent’s venture platform succeeds in achievement of mutual goals of sustainable impact and fair profits in developing countries.


Experts with domain expertise to catalyse business ventures


Vendors with critical services to take business ventures to markets


Members with wide networks to access different countries globally


Investors with financial resources to finance early-stage ventures


Customised process to catalyse business ventures

Every project is taken through the 3 stages of our catalysation process, which is tailored to meet the requirements and objectives of our partners, and solve their business challenges.

The key stages of catalysation are:



How we analyse

How we analyse

We analyse the policy and business environment in low-income markets to identify market opportunities that can make profit and impact.



How we discover

How we discover

We source innovative business ventures using open innovation approaches, select the best ones jointly with our experts and structure engagements.



How we launch

How we launch

We launch business ventures by applying lean startup approaches, and using our innovation expertise and local capacity to ensure scalability in low-income markets.


We partner with organisations from all sectors

Public Sector

Governments, Development Agencies, Academic Institutions

Private Sector

Startups, Social Entrepreneurs, SMEs, Companies, MNCs

Third Sector

NGOs, Foundations, Charities, Advocacy Groups


Venture partnerships to share risks and returns

Ennovent works as a venture partner, sharing risks and rewards with businesses. We catalyse businesses from idea stage till scalability and accept high risks business, sector, market and country risks. The end product of a partnership with us is a successful business venture. The principles Ennovent follows when it develops these partnerships are as follows:

Shared Objectives

Jointly designed and executed with aligned objectives

Complementary Resources

Bring the best resources from all parties

Mutual Respect

Mutual respect of partners independent of size and power

Clear Accountabilities

Contributions with transparent roles and responsibilities

Shared risks

Sharing of risks with clients and partners

Joint Learning

Innovate and increase learning and capacity


The lasting value we deliver to our partners

Our solution offers venture partners higher profits and greater sustainable impact.

Higher Profits

Increase revenues, reduce costs and ensure fair profits

Greater Sustainable Impact

Optimise the social, economic and environmental impact




Ventures Catalysed


Countries Impacted

Jointly develop and manage projects with us