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In 2018, Ennovent conducted a funding landscape study of the sustainable livelihoods sector in India. Sustainable livelihoods efforts in India comprise a vast set of interventions, cutting across diverse communities, objectives and impact strategies. The sector encompasses agricultural and related activities, handicrafts, tourism, skill development, entrepreneurship and innovation, among others. Developed in partnership with the Asia Venture Philanthropy Network, the report is targeted towards enabling more impactful support by providing recommendations on how impact investors can help overcome sector-specific challenges. The study maps the existing state of funding for livelihood projects and programs across India by looking at organisations such...

Highlights from a Conversation with Founder Mayank Midha The Journey so far Garv Toilets began in 2015, with an idea developed by founder Mayank Midha to adapt the superstructures (i.e, the extension built above the foundation) of telecom products to create an indestructible portable toilet. The crux of Garv’s aim was to create a public toilet that could maintain itself, was widely available and environmentally friendly. Ultimately, Garv works to generate a sustainable sanitation solution that could end open defecation and it’s pursuant consequences. The research, prototype and design phase of about eight months produced a toilet with a stainless steel superstructure, body and...

New Delhi, India, February 2017- Ennovent’s Impact Investment Holding (IIH) has invested an undisclosed amount in Bengaluru-based Hasiru Dala Innovations Private Limited. The company was incubated earlier by the Foundation for Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship (FISE), a Tata Trusts initiative. This is the sixth investment made by Ennovent’s Impact Investment Holding. Hasiru Dala Innovations is a for-benefit, not-for-loss social enterprise that is dedicated to creating reliable and sustainable livelihoods for wastepickers through innovative, circular-economy centric businesses ( It currently offers total waste management services for the responsible bulk waste generator, event waste management services for the eco-friendly host and easy to...


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