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CK is Veolia's Resourcer of the month

Chandrakanth Komaragiri, Country Director, Ennovent-India, is Veolia’s Resourcer of the Month

Chandrakant Komaragiri (CK), Country Director, Ennovent-India recently spoke on Veolia’s global podcast – Resourcer of the Month. CK is the first external guest in this podcast.

While speaking to Nina Cambadelis, who leads sustainability for Veolia AsiaCK speaks about Ennovent’s work with Veolia on the Pop Up India project, and his ideas and expectations to shape a better society at large. He also shares his thoughts on how to engage more people in living sustainably.

And in a slight digression, he discusses the letter he had written to himself as a teenager in an exercise in school.

Head here to listen to the entire podcast:


If you are crunched for time, the podcast has been divided into smaller parts here:

CK gives insights to make changes to everyday life to strive to enrich our community:


CK and Nina discuss the Pop Up India project implemented in 2018-19:


CK talks about Ennovent’s purpose and Ennovent’s work:


Relationship between Ennovent and Veolia:

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