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DOT Glasses is a company that started with the goal of finding a solution that makes eyeglasses accessible to people everywhere - even those living in the most remote villages on earth. With that vision, within two years, they came up with the concept of one-size-fits-all frames, along with a simplified lens concept. They offer high-quality eyeglasses with good style, and lesser cost to cater to the low-income markets that they want to impact.  To increase efficiency, DOT Glasses has devised a 60-minute training programme that prepares almost anyone to provide basic vision care. “Many people still don’t understand that their poor...

What has been the journey like for you? After completing my post-graduation in 2007, I started my career in a general hospital where I worked for 3 months but soon realised that this was not what I wanted to do. So, started working with an NGO and a year and over 10,000 patients later, I decided to move on to working in the government sector. It was this experience that crystallised into the single principle on which we based the operations of ERC. I realised that the base-level of the pyramid needs to be treated like a market and with dignity. For...

Ennovent’s Impact Investment Holding (IIH) made a follow-on investment in ERC Eye Care to help scale-up its operations and improve impact in North-East India. Speaking about the investment, Vipul Kumar, Country Director - Ennovent India said, “Ennovent has demonstrated its commitment to serve the North-East India with its follow-on investment in ERC and the on-going North-East Accelerator Program aimed to develop the region’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. ERC has come a long way in revolutionizing healthcare in the North-East and we are looking at a long-term association with them to continue to create a positive impact in the region. According to the WHO Report (2015), almost 40% of...


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